Publications in Refereed Journals                              


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      - Finalist IV Bankinter  Prize for Research in Business Ethics, Business Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Sustainability.


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               Working Papers      
  • Governance, infomation flow and stock returns, with Mohammed Zakriya, ESADE, 2018, Revise and Resubmit Journal of Corporate Finance [download]                           - Finalist Larry Lang Corporate Finance Best Paper Awards European Financial Management Association, Azores, 2019  

       - Semi- finalist Best Paper Award, Financial Management Association, New Orleans, 2019       


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     - Semi-finalist Best Paper Awards, Financial Management Association, Las Vegas, 2016


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          [SLIDES]  Presentation at MiFID II Three Years Later Conference

      -Semi-finalist Best Paper  Awards, Financial Management Association, New Orleans, 2019


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      - Semi-finalist Best Paper Awards, Financial Management Association European Conference, 


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  •    Transparency and Multi-Market Trading, 2015